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Resources from Immigration in the Heartland 2014
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Resources from Immigration in the Heartland 2014

The conference is filled with terrific speakers and workshops. We’ve pulled together their tip sheets and Power Point presentations.

Immigrant Children in Rural v. Urban Communities:
Sociologist Joanna Dreby’s Power Point presentation

Immigration Law 101:
Dan Kowalski’s short list of resources

Upcoming Federal Policy Decisions and the Impact on Immigrant Children:
Wendy Cervantes of First Focus, Power Point presentation
Report written by Wendy Cervantes and Robert Gonzales, a Harvard University education professor on the impact on children of not acting on immigration reform, “The Cost of Inaction”
First Focus analysis of the Senate immigration reform bill and the impact on immigrant families

Early Childhood Education and English Language Learners:
Annie E. Casey Foundation reports on early childhood education
Tulsa Public Schools statistics on English Language Learners and impact of preschool

Freedom of Information and Investigative Reporting:
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press, Power Point presentation
Martha’s guide to finding immigration data and statistics
Martha’s template for FOIA requests
Martha’s tip sheet for Freedom of Information in the United States and Mexico

Data about Immigrants:
Laura Speer’s Power Point on data on children in immigrant families
Dianne Solis’s Power Point on national immigration data sites

Impact of Race/Ethnicity on Children’s Health and Well-being:
The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s report on racial disparities in children’s well-being
News stories about the Casey Foundation’s Race for Results report

Data Visualization:
Claudia Nunez’s tutorial on mapping

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