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From Here and There

Jobs in agriculture have drawn many immigrants and refugees to the Midwest, working as crop pickers and meat processors. But now some immigrants – particularly the younger generation — are taking more decision-making roles in farming.

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This mapping and dashboard project was produced in collaboration between the Popular Assembly of Migrant Families (Asamblea Popular de Familias Migrantes) and The Other Dreamers (Los Otros Dreamers), two organizations focused on supporting migrants as they return to Mexico.

“The visualization tools we learned to use at Migrahack provided us with a more detailed profile of our clients and their needs,” said the team. “They are allowing us to better contextualize the impact that these return migrants are having on Mexican public opinion.” Their data visualizations reveal that, in relation to deportees from 1995, the number of female deportees today has remained the same, while deportees returning to Mexico now are older, better educated, and increasingly of indigenous background.

Team Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá: Fernando Sancen, Maru Ponce, Ismael Ortega, Juan Carlos González and Cesia Chavarría.

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