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Análisis México
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Análisis México

Which U.S. states will likely see more immigrants from Mexico in the coming years? By using U.S. and Mexican government data, team members tracked some predictors of immigration to conclude that Tennessee and Kentucky will likely see more Mexican immigrants in the next five years.

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Led by Hugo Saucedo, an actuary, the team created a mathematical formula for analyzing immigration data and the flow of immigration. The team determined that because of social networks, there is high correlation between an immigrant’s state of origin and where in the United States that he or she ended up.

But numbers aren’t everything, as the team discovered. Alabama was an increasingly popular immigrant destination, but the team’s reporters and political scientist also know that the state has passed tough anti-immigration legislation. Such measures change the trends.

Team Mexican Dreamers: Hugo Saucedo, Silvana Carranza Navarro, Lucio Villa, Jesús Adrián Ledezma Reyes, José Miguel Resendiz García and Ernesto Aroche.

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