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More than 72
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More than 72

The Mexican government initially said there were only 72 dead migrants. Eventually, they admitted that there were many more.

Through maps, videos, infographics and photos, More than 72 explores the journeys of the migrants, the botched government investigation of their murders and the pain of the families they left behind.

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The Story Behind the Project

Between August 2010 and May 2012, the bodies of 214 people were found in the municipalities of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, and Cadereyta, Nuevo León.

More than 72 tells the story of the slaughter in San Fernando, with a map of the routes taken by migrants who were found there and the testimonies of their families about the negligence of the authorities. A map shows other graves that have been found after the San Fernando massacre.

The project tied for first place at Mexico Migrahack.

Team Periodistas de a Pie: Mago Torres, Javier García, Ivan Castaneva, Daniela Pastrana, David Eads, Mónica Gonzalez, Cecilia Maya and Alberto Najar.

Photo by: Migrahack

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