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Migrant Journeys on “The Beast”
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Migrant Journeys on “The Beast”

The train that crosses Mexico from south to north, known as “La Bestia,” is responsible for the deaths of thousands of migrants eager to make it across the border into the United States. Whether they made it to their final destination, each one of these migrants has a story about the pain and challenges they endured on their journey.

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Using source data from the Mexican National Commission of Human Rights (Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos), various Mexican migrant shelters, and the nonprofit Migrant Woman (Mujer Migrante), among others, this project collected personal stories of Central American migrants. Highlighting the hardships they faced on “La Bestia”, a map showed their journey from start to finish, whether their rights were violated along that path, and whether they were deported from Mexico as they tried to migrate into the U.S.

“Even though I’ve been robbed and attacked, I’m still thirsty for something pure; something that will be of my own making,” are the words of 39 year-old Jorge, from El Salvador. “If I’m going to own a home someday, I’m convinced that I’ll have to build it myself.” Aboard “La Bestia,” Jorge made it only as far as Central Mexico, though his dream is still to make it to the United States.

Team Estudiantes de TEC Monterrey: Roberto Fierros, Pablo Fierros, Diego Andrés Camargo and Jimena Madrigal.

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