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Migrant Check-In
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Migrant Check-In

Throughout Mexico, there are more than 40 migrant shelters that offer food, a place to stay and often, guidance for migrants on how to continue their journey or head back home. But many of these shelters fail to keep data on who stays there and for how long, or what other migrant resources are available elsewhere in the country. For its Migrahack project, Team Caravana Digital chose to map the location of all the migrant shelters in Mexico, their addresses and contacts.

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While most migrant shelters are concentrated along Mexico’s northern border with the United States and in the south, bordering Guatemala, there are also resources for migrants elsewhere in the country. Team members hope that this map will encourage greater exchange of information between the shelters and the creation of more data about the impact of migration flows throughout Mexico.

Team Caravana Digital: Victor Galindo, Omar Márque, Edsel Serrano and Patricia Carbajales.

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