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Childhood Denied, Rights Denied
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Childhood Denied, Rights Denied

Between 2011 to 2013, the number of child migrants detained in Mexico as they made their way north nearly doubled to 9,800. When Mexican officials found them en route, the kids’ rescues made headlines. But are they really being rescued or denied their basic human rights and detained against their will?

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Through a video, map, charts and photos, this project explores the detention of child migrants from Central America and the possible human rights violations committed against them after being apprehended in Mexico. In a span of two years, 21,153 migrant children were detained in Mexico, and 18,495 were deported to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

“If you didn’t want to stay in the detention facility, they would force you to be there, and I didn’t like that at all,” a young migrant girl tells her interviewer in the Childhood Denied video. “I felt scared because they would leave us with strangers; with people that I didn’t feel safe around.”

The project won the Audience Favorite Award at Mexico Migrahack.

Team Niñez Detenida: Miguel Díaz, Hernán Villareal, Lucia Vergara, Juan Castelano, Antonio de Jesús Méndez Agüero, Gabriel Sánchez, Roberto Morales, Ignacio Carvajal Andalucía Knoll and María de Lourdes Rosas.

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