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Migrahack Data App
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Migrahack Data App

What are the countries of origin of the people who have obtained permanent legal residence or “green cards?” This web app gives the answers in colorful bar charts and line graphs.

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The Story Behind the Project

This data app represents the face of the New America, the people who have obtained their green cards, enabling them to stay in the United States permanently and become citizens. The data used in this app was obtained from and can be found in its raw form here.

The project won second place for data visualization team project. Judges called it a “dead-simple visualization that takes a comprehensive look at a central dataset.” They praised it for giving key insights into immigration and said it was “an understandable, useful, and portable tool for others to explore, understand, and share.”

The three guys behind the project are undergraduate students studying computer science at DePaul University. They drank a ton of Mountain Dew while creating it.

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