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Finding Care
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Finding Care

Half of Chicago’s non-citizens lack health insurance. What is the financial cost to a hospital when the uninsured use emergency rooms as a last resort? What is the physical and mental toll on a young immigrant who needs a kidney transplant?

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The Story Behind the Project

Millions of undocumented immigrants have little or no access to health coverage, an issue that has impact on multiple levels – from the individual immigrant and their families to the entire health care system.

The Los Almighty Windy City Data Hustlers wanted to find a way to simply illustrate the extent of the problem. They decided to focus on a young Chicago immigrant who needed a kidney transplant, and from there, add data about non-citizens who lack insurance and the cost of treating the uninsured in emergency rooms.

The “Finding Care” project won the grand prize at Chicago Migrahack, for best storytelling with data visualization. Judges praised the project as a “coherent, elegant narrative with lots of points of departure” and a “polished production in a short time frame with simple, effective data visualization.” They also said it “triggers questions for further research.”

“Finding Care” was later featured on The Source, a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project about journalism code.

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