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Ana Just Wants to be Safe
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Ana Just Wants to be Safe

The number of undocumented children apprehended while crossing the border is rising, even as overall immigration is slowing. An infographic details the dangers faced by child migrants through the story of Ana, a Guatemalan girl who fled her country at age 13.

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The Story Behind the Project

Many migrant children are fleeing violence only to be victimized again. About 90,000 children are stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border each year, about 1 in 9 are not accompanied by an adult guardian. By the time they are arrested, many have been robbed and suffered from hunger and thirst. But their ordeal is not over – they may spend months in a detention center and undergo an arduous court process, often without the help of lawyers.

Team 72-10’s infographic tracked the long journey of Ana, who had to make six attempts before she was able to reach the border. After four years and five lawyers, she was finally granted asylum.

None of the team members had ever previously published an infographic and had only learned the basics during the Migrahack training day. Most team members also did not know anything about child migrants previously. Chris Rudd, a juvenile justice educator, tweeted during the event: “I’ve learned more about immigrant youth detention in 2 hours than ever before in life.”

The infographic was translated into Spanish and published by Hoy Los Angeles and La Hora, a news outlet in Guatemala.

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